Memorandum Submission & Protest Rally in Protest of Discontinued Supply of TB Medicines and NEET UG & PG Scam

26th June, 2024

On the issues of Unavailability of anti-tubercular drugs nationwide and corruptions in NEET examinations, Medical Service Centre called Protest Rally & Memorandum to President of India, Governor of West Bengal and all states.
In a press statement Dr. Ansuman Mitra, Secretary, Medical Service Centre said:
“Today on 26th June, 2024, thousands of doctors, nurses, health workers, medical students submitted memorandum to Hon’ble President of India at Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi, and Governors of 17 states of West Bengal, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Kerala, Assam, Tripura, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Administrator of Chandigarh, and other states.

The massive gathering at Medical College, Kolkata at the call of Medical Service Centre (MSC) and other organisations - Service Doctors Forum (SDF), Nurses’ Unity (NU), Progressive Medical Practitioners Association of India (PMPAI), Haspatal o Janaswasthya Raksha Sangathan (HOJRS), Junior doctors Unity (JDU) in the demand of immediate and adequate measures to restore uninterrupted free supply of anti-tubercular medicines by Government and high level judicial enquiry and exemplary punishment of the accused in NEET UG Scam affecting thousands of MBBS aspirant students.

The Ministry of Health had issued a circular to the states on 18 March 2024 stating....[more]


17th June, 2024

The death toll continues to rise in the horrific Kanchenjunga train accident which occurred this morning. The death toll is more than 16, according to what was witnessed by the volunteers of Medical Service Centre. Hundreds were injured.
Since morning our Primary Disaster Medical Response Team had reached the site and joined the local residents in rescue, and also carried out management of the victims both outside and inside the train

Sikkim Flood Response 2023 Medical Relief Camp by Medical Service Centre

Day1 : 9th October, 2023

The 7-membered survey, assessment and treatment medical team of Medical Service Centre, led by Dr. Shahriar Alam, Executive Member, MSC WB State Committee has set foot for the flood and landslide devastated areas of Sikkim, starting from Siliguri, West Bengal on the early morning hours of 9th October, 2023. This medical relief team comprises of 2 doctors, 3 medical students and 2 health workers. The team, at first, is due to reach Rangpo via Gorubathan. The plan, thereafter, is to work at Rangpo which is severely affected by the flash floods but not under due focus. Then, as the situation evolves, the team will proceed towards Singtam. This medical team is well- equipped to provide immediate medical aid, medicines and cater to medical relief work. Their role is also to survey the nearby areas, make proper assessments of the damage caused by the disaster, report and thereby to formulate further plan of action.

MSC in its stand for Right of People to Health is committed to stand by people fighting for demoratic rights.

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In this complex Covid-19 situation, MSC volunteers have been trying to work out practical application of the the guidelines for us who are working alone in the peripheries, protest non-availability of PPE at all levels, while also trying to provide some PPE as per their collection. Again they are monitoring application of these guidelines at the hospital and community level.

When the Cyclone AMPHAN crashed in Southern Bengal in this situation, they addressed the plight of the victims relief and mobile calls possible with social distancing and others precautions.


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